Increase Your Laptop Battery Backup

Increase Your Laptop Battery Backup

Increase Laptop Battery Backup

In this age of smartphones, no matter how much we talk about mobile, we go back to the computer at work. Many people prefer laptops or notebooks when buying computers because they are easy to carry. The added benefit of laptops is that they can last for hours on end. There is no question of load shedding on him! Emergency work on the computer will never stop. But if your laptop's battery backup is low, you may not be able to enjoy these benefits. In this post, we will learn how to increase laptop battery backup. Very simple rule. Let's get started.

Reduce screen brightness

Believe it or not, laptops and other battery-powered devices such as mobiles, tablets, etc. use a large portion of their battery charge on their screens. You can reduce the power consumption of the laptop by reducing the brightness of the screen or monitor. As a result, the charge will be less as the screen light is less when running on battery. Keeping the brightness of the screen at 50% will definitely increase the battery backup. And if the brightness is brought down to 25%, there is no point!

Turn off unused features

Turn off your laptop's WiFi, Bluetooth, and graphics cards when you don't need them. Different laptops have separate buttons/shortcuts to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth. Also, when you don't need a dedicated graphics card on a high-performance laptop, the GPU can be temporarily disabled. In this case, normal work such as writing in MS Word, Internet browsing, etc. can be continued without any problems. Because then the PC uses its processor's built-in graphics chip.

Turn off unnecessary apps

In the old days, when the PC had 2 GB of RAM, it was not possible to run a lot of software together - because it would slow down the computer. But now that 4 GB or more of RAM has become common, we keep running various apps even if it doesn't work. Applications like various browser windows, writing software, screenshot taking apps, media player, photoshop, etc. are often minimized which silently occupy the RAM and also consume the battery. So when you need to save your battery charge, do not run any app unnecessarily.

Turn on power-saving mode

When you need to keep your laptop charged for a maximum period of time, turn on Straight's Power Saving mode. No matter which company / operating system you run the laptop, it must have power saving/management options. Your job is just to know the right method. You will get maximum battery backup according to the capacity of the laptop.

Use SSD storage

SSD storage works faster than ordinary hard disks and consumes less power. So even if you replace the laptop's hard disk with an SSD, you can increase its performance and battery backup.

Buy a laptop that is capable of giving more battery backup

No matter how many tips/tricks you follow, if your laptop battery has low capacity, there is no point in expecting long-term backup from it. So if you need long-term battery backup, buy a laptop with a high-capacity battery. One such laptop could be the ASUS ZenBook UX430UA or the Asus ZenBook Flip S laptop with 9 to 11 hours of battery backup.

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