Some Nokia records that will surprise you!

Some Nokia records that will surprise you!
Some Nokia records that will surprise you!

Some Nokia records that will surprise you

Most Heard Ringtones:

People who haven't heard Nokia's official ringtones can't be found. The Nokia tune (also called Grande Valse) Composed by Gran Vals, the tune is the most listened to ringtone in the world. According to one estimate, it is heard an average of 1.6 billion times a day and 20,000 times per second.

Most Popular Mobile Game:

Anyone who has ever played a game in their life but never played Nokia's Snake game? This game, made thirteen years ago, was originally made for the Nokia 8100 series. It is currently used in 350 million devices worldwide. This is the most popular game in the world.

Biggest Digital Camera Manufacturer:

Wondering When Nokia Will Make Digital Cameras Again? No wonder, the camera of the mobile is also digital. Nokia is the largest digital camera manufacturer since 2006.

The world's largest movie screen:

Last year in Sweden, Nokia set a record by making a screen of 1420 square meters. Two large cranes are used to hold the screen. It uses four XLM HD30 projectors to show the Prince of Persia.

Most Popular Mobile Phones :

Fewer of the world's 5 billion mobile users have smartphones. But the funny thing is that about 250 million Nokia 1100 models have been sold so far, which is the highest in mobile history.

The most capable multitasking Phones :

Although this record did not reach the Guinness Book of World Records. In September 2010, the Nokia E5 was able to run 64 applications simultaneously, breaking the previous record of 72 applications for the Samsung Omnia HD.

Although there is no mobile phone called Nokia in the front, Nokia has taken a firm place in the minds of the customers with its quality and quality.

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