How to install Fortnite on iOS after App Store Ban
How to install Fortnite on iOS after App Store Ban 

Welcome everyone I'm going to go ahead and show you how to install Fortnite onto your device even though it's been banned off of the app store. 

Now apple doesn't want you to install Fortnite on your device so this method can be patched at any time. I'll be showing two methods in this article. You know if both of them are patched there's nothing I can do personally you're just going to have to live about Fortnight until epic games and apple can sort out the dispute.

So you can see if you search up for Fortnite now in the app store it isn't showing up. But by the end of this article, you will have two methods to install Fortnite onto your device. 

Method Number One

So the first method is if you've never installed Fortnite before this method will work for you. It will also work if you've installed Fortnite before however if you have installed Fortnite before you can actually reinstall it from the app store even though it doesn't show up on the search. 
How To Install Fortnite iOS AFTER AppStore BAN!
How To Install Fortnite iOS AFTER AppStore BAN!

I'll be showing that later in the tutorial as that is the second method let's start off with the first method 

I want you to head over to the link in the down below. 

You can see You can see there is an advertisement, whatever it says it's an advertisement. You should just tap on x and then you want to find at the bottom fortnight now it currently says not on ios 13 that's a bug this does support ios 13.

I am also running ios 13. ios 14 is also supported as long as your iPhone or iPad supports Fortnite. Tap on the blue button for that download. 

Note. There is a lot of advertisement on this website. But we can do anything about it. It also denies access if you are using AdBlock. So we have to deal with this.

Install Fortnite on iOS
Install Fortnite on iOS

Anything there isn't this instal pop-up isn't the actual download it's an advertisement. So I hope you can see two box style would like to install fortnight from So just tap on install and now Fortnite will start installing onto your device. 

So this will take a bit of time because it is a 300-megabyte download. Now because Apple can patch this at any time while the download might start there is no guarantee it will install successfully. 

Wait for Fortnite to finish installing. You can see the app is installed however when we try and open it we get this message. Now if the app greys out instead of installing essentially what that means is that Apple has currently patched this method. What you're gonna have to do try this again in a couple of days and if it doesn't work in a couple of days apple completely patched this method. 

So you can see we have this message how do we fix it well because it's a third-party app you can't just open it 

  1. You need to open up settings. 
  2. you need to find general find device management and you see right here enterprise app now we have this name right here depending on when you're reading this article that name might change.
  3. Add Fortnite to trust the app.
Now you can open up Fortnite and that is fully working. 

There is also a chance that the Fortnite app will crash and launch. Essentially that means that Apple has patched this method there's nothing you can do but it.

Method Number Two

Now let's move on to method two, maybe method one has stopped working has been patched by Apple or you just want to download Fortnite directly from the app store. 

Download Fortnite directly from the app store
Download Fortnite directly from the app store
  1. For the second method go into the App Store. 
  2. Find the today page then just tap on it
  3. Then tap on your avatar then tap on purchased 
  4. Going to see all purchases tap on my purchases  
  5. Search up for Fortnite.
  6. Now if you see a cloud you're good to go tap on the cloud and Fortnite should install perfectly fine.
Now if you see a cloud you're good to go tap on the cloud and Fortnite should install perfectly fine.
Now if you see a cloud you're good to go tap on the cloud and Fortnite should install perfectly fine.

Now on the future apple might patch this method and when the former app installs it will say this application has been removed off the app store. And it doesn't give you the option to install. So if that's the case then, unfortunately, you'll not be able to install Fortnite.

This time you have to wait for epic games and apple to sort out their dispute. This method is fully working, unfortunately, the first method having some problem. It can be fixed in the future. 

But if apple patched the second method then you will never be able to install Fortnite from the app store ever again. So I'll see you guys later bye.

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