PUBG Mobile crashes constantly on Android

PUBG Mobile crashes constantly on Android

PUBG Mobile constantly crashes on Android

Playerunknown's Battleground was released in 2017 and has gained tons of recognition and success. it's still going strong. This game got such a lot of popularity that it now features a mobile version that was released in March. Since the sport remains in its early version, there are still some bugs. The web Error is one such bug that has been affecting both Android and iOS users. Here's the way to fix Internet Error on PUBG Mobile.

Some PUBG Mobile players are having trouble with PUBG Mobile constantly crashes on Android.

If you play the web game PUBG Mobile on your Android Smartphone, the sport may crash continuously and doesn't work correctly. For this reason, we would like to offer you here today a tip on the way to fix problems and bugs that occur about the app PUBG Mobile on Android: to try to do this, the info and therefore the cache of the PUBG Mobile App are deleted. we'll inform you here exactly how this works intimately. 

Before you begin, please make sure you've got saved your data within the game, for instance via Google Play games. Once that has been clarified, then we will get started: Empty data and cache within the PUBG Mobile app to stop crashes within the future. 

Step 1: Open the settings. 

Step 2: Select apps on your Android smartphone - you ought to now see all apps installed on your smartphone during a list.
Step 3: Select PUBG Mobile.
Step 4: you'll now see two buttons: Delete data and Clear cache.
Step 5: Select both buttons one after the opposite.

The app data are now reset, and therefore the smartphone should now be restarted once. Afterwards, you'll open PUBG Mobile again. Now you've got to enter your access data and you ought to be ready to use the sport again as was common. Crashes should not occur. 

Watch the video below.

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