Does UPS really protect the Computer?

Does UPS really protect the Computer?

Does UPS Protect Your Computer

Most computer users today are aware of the common electrical problems. No matter how much you live in a developed country, there will always be electricity problems. I'm not just talking about load shedding, the problem is that when the power goes out suddenly and the computer shuts down, the power voltage goes up and down, sudden over-voltage, low voltage, and even lightning can be a big problem for your computer. Fortunately, uninterruptible power supply (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or short UPS (UPS) - a common problem with battery backup and power electronic devices are separate from your computer and protect values.

Now I have to buy UPS here or use UPS, but this is not the end of the story. Of course, there are many terms when buying a UPS. Also, if you do not understand the common problems of electricity, you need to understand them. Only then will you be able to fully understand why UPS is so important! In this article, I have clearly described the complete issues.


Almost all of you have seen UPS or computer battery backup devices. This device can be of different sizes, depending on the need and capacity, it can be small in size and big again. In particular, first, the battery backup device is directly connected to the wall socket, then the computer or separate devices are attached to the output socket of that device.

All battery backup devices are very heavy, with batteries inside. Of course, these batteries are rechargeable and replaceable. You may have bought a UPS 5-6 years ago, the bat just came and started the battery problem, you will get the battery comfortably and you will have to change it. UPS usually has one or more batteries, so your computer always gets power even if the cable is removed from the wall socket or the power goes out.

Depending on how much money you budget for the battery backup device, your device will improve. Usually, there is a manual power switch to turn this unit on or off. However, some advanced models have a smart system for automatic on / off. The expensive models also have LCD displays, where power information is displayed.

Now if we talk about battery backup time, it depends on the power of the backup unit. You need to choose the power of UPS according to your needs and budget. Battery backup units are usually rated in watts and for how long they are capable of backing up. If you have more devices, more than one battery backup unit may be required. 

However, I would recommend not to buy a battery backup unit below 500 watts. Today's modern PCs will not run below 500 watts. Here you have the monitor again the full PC. Today's total computing systems are rated up to 1500 watts. So the more watts you can take, the more backup you can get.

Different Types Of UPS

There are usually two types of UPS or battery backup units, one on-line UPS and the other standby UPS. (Standby UPS). The two types of uninterruptible power supplies are almost the same, but the standby type may not respond as fast as the on-line type. The standby battery backup unit does not deliver power to the computer as a battery, it simply controls the power and feeds it directly to the computer or to a separate device.

When it realizes that there is a power cut or a problem, it starts supplying power from the battery to the computer, which takes about 10-12 milliseconds. But today's computing system only responds to 2-millisecond current problems and can restart the system. If your computer restarts after the power goes out, you must understand that this is a standby UPS.

On-line uninterruptible power supply on the other hand always supplies electricity to the computer or separate device with battery. Let the main power go and the power will always go to your system as a battery. So in this case the power cut is not seen as late as 1 millisecond. You can compare a laptop battery to an on-line battery backup unit system.

When you connect the cable to the wall, the battery is charged from the cable and the laptop gets power from the battery, the system does not feel even for a millisecond after unplugging the cable from the wall, because it is always receiving juice from the battery.

So here it means, two types of UPSE will give you the same battery backup, but if your backup unit is of standby type, if it does not respond very fast, your computer will not be shut down, where on-line type Can't understand power cut system.

Then of course it would be best to buy your on-line type backup unit, but I am saying that the price of the on-line type will be higher than the standby type.

Different Types Of Electrical Problems

There is of course power cut protection, which means that when the power goes out, your battery backup unit will start supplying power to the computer. From the previous paragraph, you know which type of unit will be best for you. However, your backup unit must have a rating by Power Cut Protection or Blackout Protection.

Then comes brownout protection, if your home has many types and many electrical devices connected together, then there may be a power loss in the circuit, so the power can go out without a power cut. The backup unit can also save you from this problem, but you must have a brownout protection rating.
Does UPS really protect the Computer?

In addition, your UPST must be rated for overvoltage protection, variable voltage protection, and sudden high voltage protection. Many times the voltage of electricity is very low, but when the voltage comes back, the moment high voltage pushes, it can cause special damage to your computer hardware. Lightning can also cause high voltage, while your home's fridge, air conditioner can raise the voltage too high, which can cause significant damage to the computer. UPS must have Noise, Spike, and Power Surge Protection.

Why Is UPS Necessary?

There are thousands of benefits to having a battery backup unit, and believe me, it can save your computer a lot of trouble. Unwanted shutdowns on the computer can lead to more damage, especially to hard drives and RAM. Sudden shutdowns can result in bad sectors on the hard drive. Again, your operating system may be completely corrupted, so your computer may no longer boot.

Does UPS really protect the Computer?

Your unsaved file or project, suppose you were working on a project for 2-3 hours, and all your work could be lost due to a sudden power cut, although many modern software now drafts automatic projects.

So you have to understand how risky it is to run a direct computer in a wall socket, because there are many computer problems associated with power drop and power cut problem. High voltage and electricity can destroy your entire computer. Not just the computer, but your monitor, WiFi router can be damaged. So of course if you have the budget to invest in a good quality UPS will not be in vain!

Not only is UPS required for computers at home, but you can use uninterruptible power supplies to protect media servers, network-attached storage, home servers, and more electronic devices from power problems.

One more thing to clarify at the end, battery backup is not something that is a power cut and you have to use a computer comfortably, play games, or reading PDF. UPS just so that your computer does not shut down suddenly and you can save the necessary files so that you can safely turn off the computer.

But yes, some high watt UPS can provide power backup up to 1 hour, you have to continue computing for a while, if you want to do more computing then you can increase the backup time by mitigating some unnecessary programs, computer sound, wifi off, etc. And yes, don't put UPS on everything, especially on the printer. If you line the printer from the battery backup, the printer motor may burn out, so be careful!

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I hope I have covered all the important topics about UPS in this complete article. If you still think I miss something, be sure to let me know in the comments below.
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