How to safely install Fortnite on Android after Google Play Store Ban

How to safely install Fortnite on Android after Google Play Store Ban
How to safely install Fortnite on Android after Google Play Store Ban

Here we go how to safely install Fortnite on android now that it's been removed from Google Play Store. So this is the flip side of the coin and I covered this in a previous article, but I realized I didn't go into great detail about how exactly if you're on android you're going to do the thing. 

Because a lot of people nervous when they hear the letters APK. You say APK people start you see they look left they look right just like when you cross the street (when you're a kid and your mom says you got to look left and right). 

Do Not Download Fortnite From Random Apk Repository

So you say apk and people do the same thing they think is this going to be safe. This is fair and truthfully not all the sources are of APKs are safe a lot of it could be malicious things.

My phone almost melted because I downloaded an apk. It was a mobile game, I guess it was some sort of development version and it wasn't compatible at all. But somehow it just overheated my phone. That's not necessarily malicious maybe it was just some sort of problem. 

It doesn't matter the point being is there's a reason why even google devices sort of asking you if you want to enable the ability to install applications from alternative sources. I like to have the option a guy like me and a guy like you yeah we'd like to have the option to do it. Now there are some safer ways than going to some random apk repository, although we've all done it. At times desperate times call for desperate measures we all know. So step one do you have a Samsung phone. 

How to safely install Fortnite on Samsung Phone after Google Play Store Ban
How to safely install Fortnite on Samsung Phone after Google Play Store Ban

Samsung Phone User

If you have a Samsung phone which there are many of them out there. All you have to do is head to the galaxy store. If the app is already there on your phone if not put the app back on or re-enable the app head to the uh the galaxy store and download the epic games launcher. 

The epic game's launcher is then gonna give you the ability to download Fortnite and some other game called battle breakers but you're probably gonna go for Fortnite at this moment.

It's available for all the flagships s20 note 10 note 20 even the series. So I don't know if it's going to be on every single Samsung device maybe if you go back some of the older ones. It might not pop up but at least for the high profile models, it should be available. This direct link inside of this article is going to work for you. If for whatever reason it doesn't show up in the search results. 

But that's step one if you have a Samsung phone this is straightforward and easy. And as much as Google might not like it because they don't get their 30% it's a relatively official way of downloading Fortnite and maintaining Fortnite updates. Whatever on android, because you are still in some sort of a store right it's one of the advantages on the android side. 

Other Brand Phones User

Now if you don't have a Samsung device. Yes, a lot of people you're gonna need to go the apk route. But you do not have to head to your usual apk mirror type sites. 

  • You can go to epic's official website so all you got to do on your smartphone or tablet is going to 
  • And from that link, you'll download and install the epic game store apk. Which is similar to the thing that you're going to get on from the Samsung store. That you would download there and then you know it's from the official source. Then you know you're getting it from epic
  • Now your device will still prompt you it'll say for your security your phone is not allowed to install from unknown apps from this source etc and that's going to scare some people. 
  • But because you know where you got it from you're going to just click settings enable and install. Now at the end, after you're done you may want to disable installing from third-party sources. In case you're worried about I don't know some nefarious activity some other stuff getting installed you can disable it after
The fact it's not hard to do and then you'll have your epic games and then you'll have your fortnight. 

Yes, I would say so hopefully that remains open-ended and you can do this. Instead of buying a ten thousand dollar iPhone 10 on eBay. There you go if you choose to or you can just wait for apple and epic to sort it out or you can just not care because you don't even want to play Fortnite. Which there's plenty of people in that camp as well which is a thing I've seen in the comments section. They say how do you care about Fortnite. 

So do what you want apple they don't see the pic they got to see the bigger picture, yeah they want to see the drama really. There's more to the story though you know what I'm trying to say here will is even if you're not a massive epic fan or even if you're not a gamer. 

The implications for the whole ecosystem for the whole app store concept for the whole technological atmosphere for the whole mobile phone industry yup it's all in there. So you got to care a little bit you got to pay attention it could affect you in in in a different way eventually.

I also make a poster about how to install Fortnite on iOS, you can also read that thank you want.

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