This way you are destroying your own laptop!

This way you are destroying your own laptop!

You are destroying your Laptop

Nothing in this world is permanent, and there is no more reliance on electronic things. But with proper use, your laptop can last a few more years. If your laptop starts to signal a premature breakdown, then you know you have some problems without knowing it. It will be possible to increase the life of the laptop by making proper habits and using the laptop. Below I have arranged today's article with some of the reasons why you may be unknowingly destroying your own laptop! To find out, and refrain from doing these!

Use your laptop on flat, Hard Surfaces

Many people use laptops on their laps, there are many people who use laptops on the bed. This greatly reduces the battery life and hardware life of the laptop. If the laptop is placed on a soft surface, it will not be able to circulate properly, the cooling fans will not be able to cool the hardware of the laptop, because the hot air inside will not be able to get out properly.

Thus the temperature of the laptop continues to rise. The hotter the laptop, the slower the processor will be, resulting in reduced performance. With the hot environment, the laptop battery will last a full twelve hours. The best solution is to always use a laptop on a flat and hard surface. This will allow the air circulation paths at the bottom of the laptop to work better.

There are many dedicated stands available for laptops, they have a cooling fan system to keep the laptop cool, it does not heat the laptop. Such laptop stands are available in different prices in the market, you can buy laptop stands of different prices starting from 500 rupees. As a result of my negligence, your laptop battery, which used to provide 5-6 hours backup, now gives 20 minutes backup!

By reducing battery charge to 0% Every Time

Battery gives much better backup after a new purchase. Newer laptops can provide up to 6 hours of battery backup, more on high-end laptops. However, over time, that is likely to decrease over time. But this does not mean that you will charge the laptop battery again after 0%.

There is a limit to how many times a battery can be charged and discharged. If you repeatedly discharge up to 0% then charge up to 100% again your laptop battery life will be reduced by 50% more quickly. Moreover, the process of charging the laptop battery right there in our dedicated article, which here can check.

Start using the Laptop without turning it on properly

Turned on your Windows laptop, the PC showed you a weekly massage, but that doesn't mean the PC is ready for instant use. Wait a while, at least until the BG icon is removed from the mouse pointer.

Laptops will not be able to process them properly if you put a lot of work pressure on them as soon as they are turned on. 

Because the processor has to do a lot of work to run the system first, not to handle the new task processor, then it is different if it is a super high config laptop! Making this mistake can cause the laptop or operating system to hang and the software or operating system to crash.

If you use the laptop for a long time while charging, open the battery!

There are many people who use laptops at home, in which case the charger is always plugged in with the laptop. This reduces the battery life. Yes, your laptop battery has overcharge protection, but too long a hit can damage your battery.

If you use the laptop more after plugging in the charge at home, then I would say leave the battery open after 60-70% charge. Do you know where to keep it open? The best place is to keep it in the fridge. 

You can keep it in the normal fridge, not in the deep fridge. You must protect the battery with a good polythene before placing it, it will keep the battery away from the water in the fridge! This way the laptop battery can be kept good for a long time!

Not using the right plug

Surely we do not have an electric thing in our house, for this everyone probably uses multiplug. But if you do not use the right multi-plug, your laptop or computer may be completely destroyed. 

There are many power surge problems in our country, many times it causes various problems by up-and-down the current-voltage. In that case, the data of the laptop or PC may be lost or the motherboard may burn and turn into nuts.

Always use a multiplug that has a dedicated switch. If you notice a current problem or up and down, you can switch off and protect the connected devices. Laptops can often be destroyed by lightning. 

If you have a dedicated switch in your multiplug, turning it off will disconnect your laptop from the mainline at home. As a result, even if lightning enters your line, it will not be able to reach the laptop.

Take care of the operating system

Make it a good habit to do the things that are important to keep your laptop in order. Refrain from installing unnecessary software. If you have useless software installed on the system, uninstall them.

Clean the registry regularly, remove temporary files, and refrain from reading and writing more data on SSD. Use good antivirus and antimalware programs, keep them updated regularly.

Also, keep your Windows up to date, and don't stop updating by mistake. If you use Windows Defender, keep it up to date. If possible, just use the original driver software. Keep PC drivers updated, refrain from using cracked or patched software, and regularly scan for viruses and malware.

Do not use the Laptop in direct sun

Laptops may need to be used outside a lot of times, but it should not be used in direct sunlight. This will cause your PC to heat up much faster, reducing battery life and down performance. Do not place the laptop in a place where there is a lot of dust, as dust and dirt can enter the laptop through the air circulation of the laptop.

Do not allow direct sunlight to touch the laptop screen, as this may damage the laptop screen. Most of the time screen problems can occur if the laptop screen is exposed to direct sunlight.

 And yes, do not use any cloth or tissue paper while wiping the laptop screen. This can damage the coating on the top of the laptop screen. Not only outside, but also inside the house, do not keep the laptop by the window where the sun is intense. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the laptop screen.

Stay away from using cheap chargers

Maybe your laptop charger is broken. Now you are thinking of using a friend's old charger instead of buying a new one. Refrain from doing this, or refrain from looking for cheap chargers in the market, use good quality and original chargers if possible to avoid confusion!

Using a cheap charger can turn your laptop's motherboard into a toast, and the battery life will be reduced. Then to save a little money on the charger will cost a lot of money!

Install and uninstall a lot of software

I see many people install the software to test as they wish and then uninstall it if it doesn't work. Thus, a lot of software is installed and uninstalled every day. You may be thinking that if you uninstall the work is over - the software is not there.

But even after uninstalling the software, many files remain on the computer, so as more software is installed and uninstalled, many useless files are stored in the system, resulting in the system becoming slow. 

Moreover, useless files are written to different places on the disk, resulting in disk fragmentation. This slows down the performance of the hard drive, data can be corrupted and the hard drive can be damaged.

Devices such as pen drives, mice, external keyboards, etc. should be kept open even when the laptop is off. If you go out somewhere with your laptop, it is best not to put it in complete shutdown system, sleep mode or hibernate mode!

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So these were some of the habits that if not done properly, the lifetime of your laptop will be greatly reduced. Want to add more to this list? Let us know in the comments below!
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