Windows PC or Apple Mac? Which to buy?

Windows PC or Apple Mac? Which to buy?

Windows PC or Apple Mac

"Windows or Mac" has long been a topic of discussion in the technology world. There is no end to the debate. Both platforms have advantages and disadvantages for different users. Windows PC can be bought at a relatively low price. Like the lovely iMac, MacBook, and their retina monitors at first glance, there's no denying it. But even then, considering the price and customization, the Mac is not for everyone. Let's take a look at some of the reasons to buy a Windows PC or Mac.


If you want to buy the least expensive Apple computer Mac Mini, you have to pay at least 500 dollars. You will only get the CPU. Mouse, keyboard, monitor must be purchased separately. On the other hand, at a lower price, you can custom build a Windows PC with this or a better configuration. You can even get some notebook PCs of medium configuration at this price. And Apple's cheapest laptop MacBook Air will also drop 1000 out of your pocket.


Officially MacOS-powered computers are made only by Apple and they usually do not release more than two or three models a year. Another thing is that the design of all Apple computers is almost the same in the same series. However, every year Apple upgrades their performance. So your choice options are becoming very limited. No matter what the budget, if you want to buy a Mac you can't go beyond some of Apple's limited models.

Windows PCs on the other hand will give you full freedom. Various companies around the world are making Windows PCs under contract with Microsoft. Even if the manufacturer does not install Windows on your PC, you can buy the PC of your choice and install Windows. Numerous models of Windows PCs are coming out every year.

Windows PC or Apple Mac? Which to buy?


MacBook laptops or Mac desktops are very limited in terms of customization. You can't do any customization outside of RAM and storage.

Windows PCs, on the other hand, are highly customizable. Intel, AMD's processors, and even the Qualcomm chipset of the ARM platform run Windows OS. So you can customize your PC the way you want.


If you've been dealing with technology, you've probably noticed that many people use the term "Apple ecosystem." This means that Apple's various devices such as iPhone, iPod, Watch, Mac, TV all provide some common cross-device features, which makes your user experience easier and more beautiful. So using a Mac will allow you to take full advantage of other Apple devices that are not possible in Windows. Microsoft also has an ecosystem. But Apple's ecosystem is much more powerful than that.
Windows PC or Apple Mac? Which to buy?

Professional level built-in software

For macOS, Apple offers some professional-level software like iMovie, Garage Band, Image Capture for free. So for video editing or composing music, you can work without buying separate professional software. Although some of these free software is built-in/downloadable on Windows, their functionality is relatively basic.


Since Windows PCs come from different manufacturers, different software provided by those companies is installed on the PCs. The additional software that comes in this way is called bloatware. Most of them are not very useful to the users. Moreover, even if you install Fresh Windows, Microsoft Automatic provides some promotional games and apps. These can be uninstalled but very annoying. Mac, on the other hand, does not have this problem.

OS upgrade free

If you buy a Mac, you will have MacOS installed on it and you will be able to install future updates for free. On the other hand, if your manufacturer does not sell you a Windows installed PC, you will have to spend money to buy Windows OS again. Moreover, if you use the old 6, 7, or 8.1 of Windows, and if there is no offer, you have to upgrade to Windows 10 at the expense of money.

Windows PC or Apple Mac? Which to buy?


At least, in this case, there is no room for debate that Windows is the best when it comes to gaming. You can take the ultimate fun of gaming by custom building all the powerful Windows machines. Even though the Mac is getting stronger day by day in terms of hardware, you ca n't play good games. Because most video games are developed for the Windows platform. Apple's Macs are not optimized for gaming.

Connection port

When it comes to compact design for Mac PCs, especially MacBooks, Apple eliminates many ports. As a result, you will not be able to connect regular HDMI, VGA, or SD cards directly to your Mac. For this, you need to use different adapters. On the other hand, there are many types of built-in ports in Windows PC. Although, it's not a credit to Windows itself!

Use of new technology

Apple brings new specifications upgrades to Mac PCs at certain times of the year. So when it comes to any new hardware technology, you have to wait until Apple announces a new PC. But as there are many manufacturers of Windows PCs, there is more competition in the market. As a result, you can quickly get the technology upgrade of your choice from any manufacturer.

Software support

Mac has some software that is only available for Mac. However, this number is not very high. Almost all apps are available on the Windows platform. But there are some apps with games that are only available on the Windows platform. In Windows, you can install software from outside the store or from the store if you want. Larger software usually comes with a standalone offline installer. However, there is some software on the Mac that can only be installed from the App Store. Their installers are not available outside. Such as screenshot/screen recorder tool Monosnap.

Windows PC or Apple Mac? Which to buy?

OS flexibility

Although the Mac is a very good OS, the customization options have been kept very limited to make it easy to use. However, in terms of simplicity, many people put the Mac operating system ahead. Because they prefer simple and clean OS. But since Windows OS is more customizable, power users can take advantage of this.

Repair costs

Windows PC Service Center is easy to find and is relatively inexpensive to repair. Mac's Component and Service Center, on the other hand, are harder to find than that. Even if found, the cost is much higher.

Windows PC or Apple Mac? Which to buy?


Many people think that Mac is more secure than Windows. In fact, less malware is created for macOS due to fewer users. Since there are more Windows users, malware is created by targeting Windows more. Both OSes have different features in terms of security. There is antivirus software for both of them. The issue of safety also depends on the awareness of the user. You can be a victim of a cyber attack on any operating system if you are not careful when using third-party software.

Which of the following is an advantage in decision making?

While Apple releases a limited number of Macs each year, the best part about it is that you don't have to worry about making a decision. The quality of Apple products is also good. So if you buy an Apple desktop or laptop according to your budget and needs.

Windows PCs, on the other hand, are made by numerous companies. So it is very difficult to find the “Value for Money” model from so many models. Again, the quality of all types of companies is not the same. In this case, you have to rely on third-party reviews and luck. Of course, nowadays Macs are also getting ruined every day. So in both cases 'fate' is a big issue.

What do you think after considering so many things for so long? Which would be better to buy? Mac or Windows PC? If you do not intend to play games, you can take a Mac if you have a much higher budget. And if you don't have a lot of budget, and whatever your purpose, you can buy a Windows PC to get the performance you want. These depend entirely on your needs, preferences, and budget. Now the decision is yours!

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So, tell me, which do you think would be better to buy? Mac or Windows PC? I am waiting for the answer to the comment!
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